Titulo original: Arnie
Categoría: Comedia
País: Estados Unidos
Año: 1970
Temporadas: 2 Temporadas
Episodios: 48 Episodios
Duración: 30 Minutos
Situación: Terminada

Sintonía de Inicio:


Herschel Bernardi - Arnie Nuvo
Sue Ane Langdon - Lillian Nuvo
Roger Bowen - Hamilton Majors, Jr.


Arnie es y ha sido siempre un obrero hasta que un buen día le ascienden a directivo, con todos los cambios que ello conlleva, las discusiones con su jefe, las relaciones con su mujer y sus nuevas responsabilidades.


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Listado de Episodios:

1ª Temporada
1. Pilot
2. An Urge to Splurge
3. Change of a Lifetime
4. Wife vs. Secretary
5. The Friendship Gap
6. Swinging Sixties
7. Trouble in the Air
8. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
9. Why Spy?
10. For Whom the Whistle Blows
11. One Strike and You're Out
12. Sell Mates
13. Let Them Eat Cookies
14. To Buy or Not to Buy?
15. Second Honeymoon
16. You Can't Lose for Winning
17. Hello, Holly
18. Father Meets Daughter
19. Stand Up for Julius
20. Citizen Pain
21. Feud for Thought
22. Strangeness in the Night
23. My Sister's Keeper
24. No Harmony in Trying

2ª Temporada
1. Nuvo Riche
2. Well, There Goes the Neighborhood
3. Honey, I'm Sorry, But...
4. The Maid
5. Welcome to the Club
6. Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blew
7. A Poem from 'Guess Who'
8. The Return of 'Fingers' Ferguson
9. Et Tu, Arnie
10. Pushing Pinky Out of the Treehouse
11. This Land Is My Land
12. Let Ham Put You in the Driver's Seat
13. The Gift of the Majors
14. Boom or Bust
15. The Only Way to Go
16. Guess Who's Coming to Our House?
17. What's Up, Doc?
18. The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth
19. Room at the Top
20. Surprise, Surprise
21. Uncle Nikko
22. Wilson Tastes Like a Good Candidate Should
23. Now You Take Teddy Roosevelt
24. Star Trekking

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