Aquí Está Lucy

Titulo original: Here's Lucy
Categoría: Comedia
País: Estados Unidos
Año: 1968
Temporadas: 6 Temporadas
Episodios: 144 Episodios
Duración: 30 Minutos
Situación: Terminada

Sintonía de Inicio:


Lucille Ball - Lucy Carter
Gale Gordon - Harrison Carter
Lucie Arnaz - Kim Carter
Sid Gould - Sam
Desi Arnaz Jr. - Craig Carter
Vanda Barra - Vanda


Comedia de situación familiar y alocada, que narra el dia a dia de esta disparatada familia.


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Listado de Episodios:

1ª Temporada
1. Mod, Mod Lucy
2. Lucy Visits Jack Benny
3. Lucy the Process Server
4. Lucy and Miss Shelly Winters
5. Lucy the Conclusion Jumper
6. Lucy's Impossible Mission
7. Lucy and Eva Gabor
8. Lucy's Birthday
9. Lucy Sells Craig to Wayne Newton
10. Lucy's Working Daughter
11. Guess Who Owes Lucy $23.50?
12. Lucy the Matchmaker
13. Lucy and the Gold Rush
14. Lucy the Fixer
15. Lucy and the Ex-Con
16. Lucy Goes on Strike
17. Lucy and Carol Burnett
18. Lucy and the Great Airport Chase
19. A Date for Lucy
20. Lucy the Shopping Expert
21. Lucy Gets Her Man
22. Lucy's Safari
23. Lucy and Tennessee Ernie's Fun Farm
24. Lucy Helps Craig Get a Driver's License

2ª Temporada
25. Lucy Joins the Air Force Academy Part One
26. Lucy Joins the Air Force Academy, Part Two
27. Lucy and the Indian Chief
28. Lucy Runs the Rapids
29. Lucy and Harry's Tonsils
30. Lucy and the Andrews Sisters
31. Lucy's Burglar Alarm
32. Lucy at the Drive-In Movie
33. Lucy and the Used Car Dealer
34. Lucy the Cement Worker
35. Lucy and Johnny Carson
36. Lucy and the Generation Gap
37. Lucy and the Bogie Affair
38. Lucy Protects Her Job
39. Lucy the Helpful Mother
40. Lucy and Liberace
41. Lucy the Laundress
42. Lucy and Lawrence Welk
43. Lucy and Viv Visit Tijuana
44. Lucy and Ann-Margret
45. Lucy and Wally Cox
46. Lucy and Wayne Newton
47. Lucy Takes Over
48. Lucy and Carol Burnett

3ª Temporada
49. Lucy Meets the Burtons
50. Lucy the Skydiver
51. Lucy and Sammy Davis, Jr.
52. Lucy and the Drum Contest
53. Lucy the Crusader
54. Lucy, the Coed
55. Lucy, the American Mother
56. Lucy's Wedding Party
57. Lucy Cuts Vincent's Price
58. Lucy, the Diamond Cutter
59. Lucy and Jack Benny's Biography
60. Lucy and Rudy Vallee
61. Lucy Loses Her Cool
62. Lucy, Part-Time Wife
63. Lucy and Ma Parker
64. Lucy Stops a Marriage
65. Lucy's Vacation
66. Lucy and the 20-20 Vision
67. Lucy and the Raffle
68. Lucy's House Guest, Harry
69. Lucy and Aladdin's Lamp
70. Lucy and Carol Burnett
71. Lucy's Goes Hawaiian Pt 1
72. Lucy's Goes Hawaiian Pt 2

4ª Temporada
73. Lucy and Flip Go Legit
74. Lucy and the Mountain Climber
75. Lucy and the Italian Bombshell
76. Lucy and Mannix Are Held Hostage
77. Lucy and the Astronauts
78. Lucy Makes a Few Extra Dollars
79. Someone's On the Ski Lift with Dinah
80. Lucy and Her All-Nun Band
81. Lucy and the Celebrities
82. Won't You Calm Down, Dan Dailey?
83. Ginger Rogers Comes to Tea
84. Lucy Helps David Frost Go Night-Night
85. Lucy in the Jungle
86. Lucy and Candid Camera
87. Lucy's Lucky Day
88. Lucy's Bonus Bounces
89. Lucy and the Little Old Lady
90. Lucy and the Chinese Curse
91. Lucy's Replacement
92. Kim Moves Out
93. Lucy Sublets the Office
94. Lucy's Punctured Romance
95. With Viv As a Friend, Who Needs an Enemy?
96. Kim Finally Cuts You-Know-Who's Apron Strings

5ª Temporada
97. Lucy's Big Break
98. Lucy and Eva Gabor Are Hospital Roomies
99. Harrison Carter, Male Nurse
100. A Home Is Not An Office
101. Lucy and Joe Namath
102. The Case of the Reckless Wheelchair Driver
103. Lucy, the Other Woman
104. Lucy and Petula Clark
105. Lucy and Jim Bailey
106. Lucy and Dirty Gertie
107. Lucy and Donny Osmond
108. Lucy and Her Prince Charming
109. My Fair Buzzi
110. Lucy and the Group Encounter
111. Lucy Is Really In a Pickle
112. Lucy Goes on Her Last Blind Date
113. Lucy and Her Genuine Twimby
114. Lucy Goes to Prison
115. Lucy and the Professor
116. Lucy and the Franchise Fiasco
117. Lucy and Harry's Pot
118. The Not So Popular Mechanics
119. Goodbye, Mrs. Hips
120. Lucy and Harry's Memoirs

6ª Temporada
121. Lucy and Danny Thomas
122. The Big Game
123. Lucy, the Peacemaker
124. Lucy the Wealthy Widow
125. The Bow-Wow Boutique
126. Lucy Gives Eddie Albert the Old Song and Dance
127. Lucy's Tenant
128. Lucy and Andy Griffith
129. Lucy and Joan Rivers Do Jury Duty
130. Tipsy Through the Tulips
131. The Carters Meet Frankie Avalon
132. Harry Catches Gold Fever
133. Lucy and Chuck Connors Have a Surprise Slumber Party
134. Lucy Plays Cops and Robbers
135. Lucy is a Bird Sitter
136. Meanwhile, Back at the Office
137. Lucy is N.G. as an R.N.
138. Lucy, the Sheriff
139. Milton Berle is the Life of the Party
140. Mary Jane's Boyfriend
141. Lucy and Phil Harris Strike Up the Band
142. Lucy Carter Meets Lucille Ball
143. Where is My Wandering Mother Tonight?
144. Lucy Fights the System

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