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Título: Webster
Título original: Webster
Categoría: Comedia
País: Estados Unidos
Año: 1983
Año de estreno en España: 1990
Temporadas: 6 Temporadas
Episodios: 150 Episodios
Duración: 45 Minutos


Telecomedia ambientada en Chicago que narra la vida de Webster Long, un simpático niño de color huérfano cuyos padres mueren en un accidente de tráfico. El pequeño es entonces adoptado por una estrella del fútbol americano retirado, George Papadopolous , antiguo compañero de equipo del padre de Webster, y su mujer Katherine. George y Katherine verán de repente cómo les cambia la vida por completo con la llegada a sus vidas de su nuevo hijo.


Eugene Roche ... Bill Parker 


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Listado de Episodios:

1ª Temporada
1-"Another Ballgame"
2-"Happy Un-Birthday"
3-"Consulting Adults"
4-"Katherine's Swan Song"
5-"Saying Goodbye"
6-"The Green-Eyed Monster"
7-"Second Time Around"
9-"That's Entertainment"
10-"Educating Katherine"
11-"Teddy Bear Scare"
12-"A Question of Honor"
13-"Don't Jump, George"
14-"George, the Patient in Spite of Himself"
15-"Maybe Baby"
17-"Secrets of the Night"
18-"Special Friends"
19-"Uncle Phillip"
20-"More Than a Memory"
22-"Webster Long: Part 1"

2ª Temporada
1-"Webster Long: Part 2"
2-"Webster Long: Part 3"
3-"The Great Walnutto"
4-"Knock, Knock"
5-"Burn Out"
6-"Moving On"
7-"You Can't Go Home Again"
8-"Thanksgiving Show"
9-"God Bless the Child"
10-"Too Much Class"
11-"To Tell the Truth"
12-"Katherine Fights City Hall"
13-"It's a Dog's Life"
15-"Keep on Truckin', Papa"
16-"The Uh-Oh Feeling"
17-"Strike Up the Band"
18-"In the Family Way: Part 1"
19-"In the Family Way: Part 2"
20-"What is Art?"
21-"Best of Friends"
22-"It's Academic"
23-"Be It Ever So Humble"
24-"The Best Thing I Can Be"
25-"Blast from the Past: Part 1"
26-"Blast from the Past: Part 2"

3ª Temporada
1-"How the West Was Once: Part 1"
2-"How the West Was Once: Part 2"
3-"And Baby Makes Breakfast"
4-"Big Problems"
6-"Parent Trap"
7-"Good Grief"
8-"One More Shot"
9-"Great Expectations: Part 1"
10-"Great Expectations: Part 2"
11-"Who's to Blame"
13-"The Triangle"
14-"The Truth Hurts"
15-"Hello, I Must be Going"
16-"That's Rich"
17-"TV or Not TV"
18-"Borrowed Time"
19-"A Friend in Need"
20-"Love Papadapolis Style"
21-"Almost Home"
22-"Farewell to Arms"
23-"There Goes the Bride"
25-"My Family's Honor"
26-"Special Delivery"
27-"Cuckoo's Nest"
28-"Rear View Mirror: Part 1"
29-"Rear View Mirror: Part 2"

4ª Temporada
2-"The Landlords"
3-"The Derby"
4-"A Run for the Money"
5-"Read It and Weep"
7-"The Tribute"
8-"Kiss Me, Kate"
9-"Play Ball"
10-"The Big Sleepover"
11-"The Man in the Red Flannel Suit"
13-"Leave It to Diva"
14-"A Test of Characters"
15-"Freedom of the Press"
16-"Honor Thy Grandfather"
17-"Seeing It Through"
18-"Our Song"
19-"The K.O. Kid"
20-"Games People Play"
21-"Katherine the Brave"
22-"The A++ Parents"
23-"What Price Friendship?"

5ª Temporada
1-"San Francisco: Part 1"
2-"San Francisco: Part 2"
3-"San Francisco: Part 3"
4-"Hello, Nicky"
5-"Grab Bag"
6-"Breaking Away"
7-"The Strike"
8-"George's Brush with Life"
9-"The Importance of Being Worthy"
10-"A Hell of a Weekend"
11-"Katherine, the Greek"
12-"Simple Gifts"
13-"The Four Tops: The Sequel"
14-"Nerds Are People, Too"
15-"Taming of the Stew"
16-"The Couch Potato Must Die"
17-"The Cruise"
18-"Dial K for Katherine"
20-"Basketball Blues"
21-"Love Letters"
22-"The Talk Show"
23-"Parental Guidance Suggested"
25-"See George Run"

6ª Temporada
1-"The Wild, Wild, Webster"
2-"The Painting"
3-"The Quiz Show"
4-"Papa's Big Romance"
5-"The Election"
6-"Sale Away"
7-"The Crush"
8-"The Chelsea Cat"
9-"Take My Cousin, Please"
11-"The Web-touchables: Part 1"
12-"The Web-touchables: Part 2"
13-"Rich Man, Poor Man"
14-"Doing Time at the Community Center"
15-"Bowled Over"
16-"Thanksgiving with the Four Tops"
17-"Here Come the Jets"
18-"A Camping We Will Go"
19-"Ticket to Ride"
20-"The Science Project"
21-"The Gospel Truth"
22-"They Don't Shoot Horses, Do They?"
23-"The Visitor"
24-"Flood of Memories: The Final Chapter"

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Esta serie me encantaba. Sabéis si se vende o donde se puede conseguir??