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Titulo original: Run For Your Life
Categoría: Drama
País: Estados Unidos
Año: 1965
Año de Estreno en España: 1966
Temporadas: 3 Temporadas
Episodios: 87 Episodios
Duración: 60 Minutos
Situación: Terminada

Sintonía de Inicio:


Ben Gazzara - Paul Bryan


Después de recibir la horrible noticia de que le quedan un máximo de dos años de vida, el abogado Paul Bryan decide romper con todo y emprender un largo viaje de descubrimiento.


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Listado de Episodios:

Rapture at Two-Forty

1ª Temporada
1. The Cold, Cold War Of Paul Bryan
2. The Girl Next Door Is A Spy
3. Someone Who Makes Me Feel Beautiful
4. Never Pick Up A Stranger
5. How to Sell Your Soul for Fun and Profit
6. Our Man in Limbo
7. Where Mystery Begins
8. The Savage Season
9. This Town for Sale
10. A Girl Named Sorrow
11. The Voice of Gina Milan
12. The Time of the Sharks
13. Make the Angels Weep
14. Journey into Yesterday
15. Strangers at the Door
16. Carnival Ends at Midnight
17. The Rediscovery of Charlotte Hyde
18. The Night of the Terror
19. Keep My Share of the World
20. In Search of April
21. Hoodlums on Wheels
22. Who's Watching the Fleshpot?
23. Sequestro (pt 1)
24. Sequestro (pt 2)
25. Don't Count on Tomorrow
26. The Cruel Fountain
27. Night Train from Chicago
28. The Last Safari
29. The Savage Machines
30. The Sadness of a Happy Time

2ª Temporada
31. The Day Time Stopped
32. I Am the Late Diana Hays
33. The Borders of Barbarism
34. The Committee for the 25th
35. The Dark Beyond the Door
36. The Sex Object
37. The Edge of the Volcano
38. Grotenberg Mask
39. The Treasure Seekers
40. The Man Who Had No Enemies
41. A Game of Violence
42. Hang Down Your Head And Laugh
43. Tears from a Glass Eye
44. Time and a Half on Christmas Eve
45. The Shock of Recognition
46. Flight From Tirana (pt 1)
47. A Rage For Justice (pt 2)
48. The List of Alice McKenna
49. The Face of the Antagonist
50. Baby, the World's on Fire
51. Rendezvous in Tokyo
52. The Calculus of Chaos
53. The Assassin
54. The Carpella Collection
55. A Very Small Injustice
56. East of the Equator
57. A Choice of Evils
58. Tell It to the Dead
59. Better World Next Time
60. The Word Would Be Goodbye

3ª Temporada
61. Who's Che Guevara?
62. The Inhuman Predicament
63. Three Passengers for the Lusitania
64. The Frozen Image
65. Trip to the Far Side
66. The Company of Scoundrels
67. At the End of the Rainbow There's Another Rainbow
68. Down with Willy Hatch
69. The Naked Half Truth
70. Tell It Like It Is
71. Cry Hard, Cry Fast (pt 1)
72. Cry Hard, Cry Fast (pt 2)
73. The Mustafa Embrace
74. It Could Only Happen in Rome
75. Fly by Night
76. A Dangerous Proposal
77. One Bad Turn
78. The Rape of Lucrece
79. The Killing Scene
80. Saro-Jane, You Never Whispered Again
81. Strategy of Terror
82. The Dead on Furlough
83. Beware My Love
84. Carol
85. Life Among the Meat Eaters
86. The Exchange

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Unknown dijo...


Unknown dijo...

Algo como esto, deberia rescatarse de algún modo. De niño recuerdo esos flashes del protagonista iniciando el capítulo.

Anónimo dijo...

Hola ...este es el capitulo piloto de esta gran serie Run For Your Life...luego vino la serie...